Provincial Grand Summus Address at the Virtual Business Meeting 13th February 2021

Companions of East Lancashire. My first task is to thank our Grand Summus – MostDist Comp Ian Currans for the manner in which he has confirmed my appointment and to say how delighted and excited I am to have become the PGS of this wonderful Province. I can describe our province in that way becauseContinue reading “Provincial Grand Summus Address at the Virtual Business Meeting 13th February 2021”

Provincial Grand Senatus 2021

Scarlet Cord Grand Senatus of East Lancashire Held a virtual business meeting today 13th February 2021 on zoom. The meeting space opened at 11:30 am for a 12:30 start. Within minutes there were 65 companions of the order assembled with the retired military contingent firing of their usual good humoured mockery. By midday the numbersContinue reading “Provincial Grand Senatus 2021”

150th Anniversary of Mark Master Masons in Lancashire

To mark the anniversary, the Provincial Grand Master has worked with WBro Craig Wood to produce a booklet to celebrate the event, using information provided by VWBro David Brown.The booklet covers the years before the Province was constituted and gives information on Lodges that worked under the Scottish Constitution, the First Six Lancashire Lodges, WilliamContinue reading “150th Anniversary of Mark Master Masons in Lancashire”


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