Resumption of Scarlet Cord Activity

Provincial Grand Summus

R.Dist.Comp. Allan M Shields. 111.

17th April 2021

Resumption of Scarlet Cord activity

Dear Companions,

You will by now be in receipt of an email from The Grand Secretary, Ryan Williams at Mark Mason’s Hall giving instructions and guidance regarding the resumption of face to face masonic meetings for orders under his jurisdiction.

I am writing to you to advise, that following the local suspension of all Scarlet Cord meetings put in place by my predecessor, R.Dist.Comp. Howard Nuttall at the time of the outbreak of the pandemic, I now am in a position to lift that suspension, following the guidance from MMH and now permit face to face meetings to take place within our province.

Such meetings must take place following the instructions set out in the letter from MMH dated 15th April 2021.

If you have not seen this letter it can be downloaded from this link

There are two key dates mentioned in the letter – milestones if you like, however only one Consistory, Beal Valley is effected, it is due to meet on 15th of June and could consider having a meeting following the guidelines in place that allow a meeting after May 17th. If you are a member of Beal then you may wish to consider meeting in June.

From June 21 all our consistories are permitted to meet as normal and the next consistory is Vale of Irwell in August at which I will be installing Chris Givvons as President – a night not to be missed.

Of course any consistory may wish to hold an emergency meeting after June 21st to perform any ceremonies that have been outstanding and holding up progression. I will be meeting with consistory recorders to look at possible ceremonies that need to be performed to keep the flow of officers going forward. I would encourage emergency meetings to be held where necessary.

If you have any candidates waiting admission can I ask that you get in touch with them and update with any possible dates that they may be able to join. Show the love and make them feel wanted!

Another unmissable night is Saturday 14th of August. A retirement dinner for Howard Nuttall, to be held at Rochdale. If you are not already booked in then please consider doing so. Further details can be obtained from Paul Joynson.

Finally, these instructions and guidelines are not a summons to return to meetings. I firmly believe that each individual will have in his own mind a time that they feel is right to meet, taking into account health and vaccination status as well as the current levels of infection and risk. Many will feel it is still time to remain in the safety of their own home and not wish to attend meetings. I fully respect and support any decisions made by our members about when they wish to return. Safety first is most important!

Yours sincerely and fraternally,


Allan Shields.

Provincial Grand Summus