Provincial Grand Summus Address at the Virtual Business Meeting 13th February 2021

Companions of East Lancashire.

My first task is to thank our Grand Summus – MostDist Comp Ian Currans for the manner in which he has confirmed my appointment and to say how delighted and excited I am to have become the PGS of this wonderful Province.

I can describe our province in that way because of the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm my pre decesssor and founding PGS, Howard Nuttall has shown to the province from its inception to the strong foundation it has today. I along with all our companions thank you Howard and wish you a happy retirement.

I thank my new Deputy and Assistant for taking office to support me, along with all the Provincial Officers that have been appointed, promoted or re appointed today and look forward to working with you all as a team.

I must thank Paul Joynson for the hard work in setting up this zoom meeting and managing everything in fine style. My thanks also go to out to our Treasurer Dennis Schiff for managing our expenditure and keeping us solvent.

Howard’s final year and my first year both have something in common: That is dealing with this awful pandemic. Companions Freemasonry and Covid 19 both share the need for social activity in order to thrive. The impact on freemasonry has been widely felt and we are at this time unable to meet in our consistories

 However, that does not stop us having ‘contact’!

I ask you all to make sure you keep in contact with one another by telephone, WhatsApp or skype and consider holding both VBM’s as well as social meetings via zoom with members of your consistory.

Our head count is in good shape, sadly we have had one companion called to higher service but no resignations from the order. Can I ask that you do your best to continue your support as members of our order?

In order to help with retention and to show the appreciation we have for this continued support, I can now announce that Provincial Subscriptions for the members of East Lancashire have been suspended for 12 months. This will help consistory treasurers to some way to keep down the cost of subscriptions.

  We have had a joining member during lock down and I am personally involved in bringing a new candidate in and hope I am not alone on this matter.

That brings me on to increasing numbers – We don’t have a membership officer? Or do we? Of course we do if each and every one of you considers yourself to be a membership officer and conducts some recruitment. Not just in your OSM conclave but in your Craft or Mark Lodge, Royal Arch Chapter or other appending order. Use the website as your information tool show just how good and enjoyable the journey is through OSM and into the scarlet cord.

Well companions talking of websites I can now thank our webmaster and publicity officer EmComp Des Ashton for establishing our website, social media platforms as well as creating a corporate image that reflects the East Lancashire Scarlet Cord brand. These platforms are absolutely vital during lock down and will feature some great new articles once we fire up again.

Our Recorder will email you all with all the details you need to log on and enjoy what Des has created. Of course share this information with the other freemasons you come in to contact with. I know from past experience websites and social media attract members!

So Companions make best use of the electronic tools available to keep in contact and boost membership in the meantime and I look forward to the exciting things that lay ahead for us and sharing your companionship and fellowship in the very near future.

Let’s all enjoy our Scarlet Cord freemasonry.


I thank you all for attending and wish you all well.