New Website for Scarlet Cord in East Lancashire

The Grand Senatus for East Lancashire has for some time now wanted to establish a presence on line. A new webmaster has been chosen a domain name selected (Ancient Masonic Order Scarlet Cord East Lancashire) chosen and the website established.

EmComp Des Ashton Joined the Scarlet Cord in North & East Yorkshire. Having moved to Darwen from Home Farm in Yokefleet East Yorkshire, he is slowly but surely moving his masonic affiliations closer to his new home. Born in Rochdale on Coronation Day in 1953 Des served 14 years in the Royal Navy serving as a Fleet Air Arm photographer, at the end of his military career he was attached to a specialist Royal Marine Commando unit working in Intelligence. A varied civilian career followed in the Oil & Energy Sector with his last commercial role a Country Director in Sudan for a reconstruction company headquartered in Dubai.

A Freemason since January 1991 Des is a PM of Humber Lodge No57, a PZ of St Cuthbert’s Chapter 630 and a PM of St Cuthbert’s MMM 743. He is a member of OSM Champion Conclave No26 in Darwen and many other orders he also served on the Image group for UGLE.

Des firmly believes ‘Image is Everything’ bringing with him his experience of creating and managing other web presences both Civil and Masonic.